Canned vodka and tequila espresso martinis, made by NightOwl

Little history lesson

In the Early 1980s...

A young and beautiful woman asked a swanky British bartender, Dick Bradsell, for something “to wake me up, then f*ck me up.” We would like to take a moment and thank that now well-known international model for instigating one of the most popular cocktails of our generation.

Originally known as a “Vodka Espresso”, NightOwl is changing history and introducing a ready-to-drink tequila espresso martini to the world.

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Fancy woman drinking a NightOwl espresso martini from a martini glass



The problem has always been on both sides of the bar. People love espresso martinis. But let’s face it, making espresso martinis are inconvenient, inconsistent and expensive. Some people like it with tequila, others prefer vodka. We created NightOwl to solve all your problems.

Awaken your senses with NightOwl Espresso Martinis!

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