Award Winning Espresso Martinis

"NightOwl’s Espresso Martini, had not only genuine coffee and vanilla notes, but also the right heft and texture, without feeling too rich or syrupy."

"NightOwl has an Award-Winning Espresso Martini Recipe In The brand has successfully merged the two trends into something singularly spectacular...Until now."

"Amidst a sea of Frappucino-esque coffee RTDs, NightOwl stands out with great flavors befitting your local coffee shop."

NightOwl Martinis in cans and poured into glasses

Quality ingredients

Real Tequila.
Real Vodka.

NightOwl’s ready-to-drink espresso martinis combine premium spirits, high-quality coffee and a hint of vanilla for balanced sweetness. NightOwl is bringing tequila to the forefront of the espresso martini recipe (don’t worry Vodka lovers, we still got you covered).

Most importantly, NightOwl is made with REAL SPIRITS…no malt liquors, no agave wines and no artificial flavors.

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Bartender pouring a NightOwl espresso martini

Shake up your night

How to Enjoy NightOwl

NightOwl gives you ultimate flexibility to enjoy your favorite cocktail anytime, anywhere.

Best enjoyed chilled, shaken and straight out of the can.

We always encourage NightOwl to be served cold. If you're feeling fancy, throw it in a martini shaker with ice.

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Two friends partying with NightOwl espresso martinis

Start your night's adventure

About NightOwl

NightOwl was born from our contagious love for espresso martinis. We all know that feeling, one espresso martini order immediately becomes a round for the table.

NightOwl solves the bartender’s headache by providing a convenient and delicious solution that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Life’s a HOOT, drink NightOwl!

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